Thursday, February 9, 2012

Does Car Insurance Cover Breakdowns?

The study by Churchill car insurance, investigated how confident men and women are about basic car maintenance. It found that more than a quarter of men consider themselves to be experts, whereas only one in 20 women rate themselves this highly.

What's more is that men and women have contrasting reactions to suffering a car breakdown. Around 34 per cent of men are likely to look at tackling the problem themselves, whereas two thirds of women say they feel much safer knowing that someone can help them if their car breaks down.

How can car insurance help?

Previously, if you wanted a decent breakdown policy you would have to take out an exclusive deal with one of the country's leading providers - such as the AA, RAC or Greenflag. However, now many car insurance companies offer breakdown cover as an add-on to their policies.

Some insurers offer breakdown cover as an optional extra whereas others will include it as standard. If it is available as an extra then its worth using a comparison website to see how much it is adding to your policy and comparing it to the quotes available from traditional breakdown companies.

However, if breakdown cover is included as standard on a car insurance policy, then you simply need to check the level of cover available. For example does it include home starts, onward travel and will it cover you on European roads? Or is it simply roadside assistance?

How cutting breakdowns also means cutting car insurance premiums

Taking steps to reduce your risk of a car breakdown can also pay off financially with car insurers. The better condition your car is in, the less likely you are to have an accident and therefore to make a claim.

So check the oil levels each week and add oil if the level is below the dipstick. Also check brake fluid and washer fluid. For more complicated jobs consult a mechanic and try to get your vehicle serviced once every six months.

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